Castletown-Slieve Bloom have two motions passed

Aside from the Ballypickas debate, there were a number of other motions put to the floor on Monday night, with some faring better than others.

The first to fall was a Borris-Kilcotton motion which would force referees to attend hearings clubs or players seek with the CHC. This was deemed out of order, as it contravened the GAA’s official guide which exempts referees from having to sit in on anything of that nature.

Castletown-Slieve Bloom fared a little better with a motion they brought to allow Treasurers be exempt from the five year rule. This was passed by a huge majority.

Another Castletown-Slieve Bloom motion, which would see clubs dispelled from a lower grade of competition if they fail to fulfil a fixture at a higher grade. No vote was taken on this, as a similar motion will be coming from Central Council.

The last of Castletown-Slieve Bloom’s motions, which was to allow players in the U-16 grade to play U-21, was passed with a two-thirds majority. It will now go to Congress.

A Portlaoise motion, which proposed that teams in intermediate and junior finals be given passes to acknowledge the support of local sponsors, was decided to be taken as a recommendation.




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