Delegates veto transfer committee rulings

The delegates at Monday night’s meeting of the Laois county board voted to overturn two decisions made by the transfers committee, which has now resulted in two players gaining transfers they had initially been denied.

In an unusual step, delegates allowed both Padraig Cahill to declare for Ballypickas, as well as approving the transfer of Conor Mason to Trumera from Mountrath.

Both Cahill and Mason had requested the opportunity to address the meeting in person, and after revealing the reasons behind their desire to move clubs, both received an overwhelming majority from the floor in favour of the transfers being granted.

Addressing the meeting, Padraig Cahill, who had a declaration for Ballypickas turned down, said. “My father and brother played for Ballypickas, my two sons play for Ballypickas and my wife coaches the U-8s. All the Cahills played for Ballypickas and I couldn’t explain to my two sons why I had to go to Ballinakill over a rule.”

Niall Handy informed the meeting that the transfer had been turned down as “the only reason he was looking for a declaration was so that his sons would be allowed to play for Ballypickas in the future.”

When the vote went to the floor, Cahill received 27 votes in favour, with 20 votes against, although most of the votes against came from the county executive.

The second player to address the meeting was Conor Mason, who was refused a transfer from his current club, Mountrath, to Trumera. Mason, who is currently on the extended panel for the Laois U-21 hurlers, said he wished to transfer to the club he had hoped to play for since his youth. “I hurled with Mountrath as a juvenile because there was no set up in Trumera.

“I am currently on the Laois U-21 panel, but that’s going to be cut down soon. I’m not planning on hurling for Mountrath again, and I’ll probably give up if the transfer doesn’t go through. All my friends are hurling for Trumera.”

Once again, when the vote went to the floor it received a majority in favour, as it passed with 24 votes for and 17 again, with some delegates abstaining.

Not all proposals which went to the floor were so lucky, however. Two players, Conor Byrne and Farrell Cuddihy, who had looked to transfer from Graiguecullen to Arles-Kilcruise, also had their cases go to a vote.

The meeting was informed that the players hadn’t supplied enough evidence to satisfy the transfer committee that they were living permanently in the Arles-Kilcruise area, and when it was proposed the decision go to a vote, it was voted down 17 votes to 11.


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