Laois GAA shows small deficit in 2013 accounts

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The Laois County Board ran at a deficit of €7,981 for 2013 according to figures contained in the Financial Statement released this week. Last year the County Board showed a surplus of €58,063.

Income for the calendar year to October 31 was €1,059, 542, up just over €7,000 from the same period in 2012. However expenditure increased by over €71,000 compared wit 2012 to €1,067,523.

The increase in expenditure was accounted for by a jump of over €7,000 in Match Expenses, an increase of over €56,000 in County Teams’ Administration Axpenses and an extra €15,580 spent on Coaching and Games Development. The Financial Statement also showed a reduction of over €8,000 on general administration expenses.

On the income side there was an increase of over €28,000 in gate receipts however income National League shares, fund raising activities and income from associated bodies all fell this year.

In total €623,431 was spent on county team in 2013 with a the spend on hurling eclipsing the spend on football by €2,299. A total of €306, 289 was spent preparing the county’s Senior, U-21 and Minor Hurling teams while €303,990 was spent on the three football teams.

The single biggest expense however was team administration expenses for the Senior Football team which ran to €62,959 compared to €41,802 for the Senior Hurling team.

The biggest increases in costs came in catering/overnights which jumped from €104,385 for all teams in 2012 to €138,984 in 2013 and in players’ travelling expenses which went from a total of €98,429 in 2012 to €120,437 in 2013.

The year saw an increase in gate receipts in local games of over €20,000 on the year to €284,728. The Senior Hurling Final between Camross and Borris/Kilcotton brought in close to €33,000 compared to just over €25,000 for the Senior Football Final between Portlaoise and Arles-Killeen.

Commercial Income year on year remained constant with a less than 1% fall. There was an increase of €5,500 from the sponsorship of the local championships from €7,000 in 2012 to €12,500 in 2013 with Laois Shopping Centre the new title sponsor.

Laois’ main sponsor, MW Hire, contributed €45,000 in 2013 compared to €50,000 in 2012. There was a €4,000 decrease in sponsorship received from Lucozade however Mochua Print and Design were new sponsors contributing €2,500.

There was a 5% drop in income from fund raising activities. In 2012 the major fundraising event was the Fight Night which returned a profit of €23,350. In 2013 Laois GAA ran a Night at the Dogs, a Fashion Show and a Laois Run which combined returned a profit of €23,719.

While expenditure on the Laois Clubs Draw remained constant, the profit fell by over €4,000 due to an increase in expenditure.

Also included in the figures is income of €3,000 in respect of Rent of land at Ballyroan.

The separate Income and Expenditure Account for O’Moore Park shows a deficit of €44,896 however before before the Capital grant and Depriciation is taken into account, O’Moore Park showed an operating surplus of €6,232.




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