Art, opera, music and film at Riverbank

THE Riverbank Arts Centre in Newbridge has a busy schedule of events taking place over the coming weeks. As noted in Stage Left last December, the centre is currently hosting an exhibition by Meave Clancy called Hidden Places.

The exhibition ‘Hidden Places’ aims to create a wonderland for children to explore using cut paper, light and mystery. Children are asked the questions: What is the world that they inhabit? What does it look like from their perspective? Using stories created by local children, Maeve Clancy makes an installation in paper and light which depicts their world.

Country music fans will be pleased to hear that Dominic Kirwan will be performing at the venue on Friday January 21, while on January 19, As part of The Met live series, the Riverbank is hosting Maria Stuarda (Donizetti). Sung in Italian with English subtitles, the stunning Mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato takes on the virtuosic bel canto role of the doomed Mary, Queen of Scots. Director David McVicar turns to the second opera of Donizetti’s Tudor trilogy, which explores regal characters at fateful moments of their lives.

On Monday January 21 at 8pm, the centre will be showing ‘What Richard Did’. Lenny Abrahamson has convincingly depicted the world of Dublin junkies in Adam and Paul and of a desperate loner in a rural backwater in Garage. His latest is a portrayal of affluent Irish youth that is as compelling as his previous work, and confirms Abrahamson’s emerging as a filmmaker of significance.

Richard (Jack Reynor) is seeing out the end of his summer holidays after his final year at school. A promising sports star with a bright future ahead of him, he spends his time hanging out with mates, proving himself a decent and popular lad who looks out for the younger members in his crowd, inspiring loyalty and respect from those close to him. Suddenly, a single, uncharacteristic incident changes everything for Richard, and his plans for the future could be derailed. With a script adapted by Malcolm Campbell from Kevin Power’s novel Bad Day in Blackrock, What Richard Did perceptively examines weighty moral issues with calm and integrity, and the young cast of relative unknowns put in exceptional performances.


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