Bringing the last waltz to visit Carlow

GB Shaw

GB Shaw

IT started as a concert, it became a celebration, and then one of the best loved music films of all time. Now Dublin rock’n’roll troupe The Group have brought their own spin to The Band’s magical farewell concert, by creating the ultimate tribute to this sensational show. They will be performing a special one off gig in the BG Shaw Theatre in Carlow on Saturday July 28.

This fantastic re-enactment of Martin Scorsese’s award-winning documentary The Last Waltz has already seen Band fans young and old pouring into their Dublin shows to relive the buzz, excitement and stunning showmanship of the original concert and, of course, hitting the dance floor for some serious music appreciation.

This brilliant tribute night not only stars The Group themselves as The Band, but also features a whole host of special musical guest-stars from the Dublin music scene. The night is a real treat for fans of The Band, Dylan, Neil Young, Van Morrison, Muddy Waters, Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell etc , and anyone else who loves rock and country music.

Anyone who has seen The Last Waltz Tribute during the past year in venues such as The Button Factory, The Pavilion Theatre, The Olympia Theatre, The Wexford Opera House and The Civic Theatre have been amazed by the musicianship of the people on stage. The Group is quite the family affair with Bulters leading the way. Kevin Butler is on bass and vocals, Daragh Butler is on lead guitar and vocals, Damian Butler is on drums and vocals and they play alongside Niel O’Farrell. As well as performing in The Last Waltz they also have recorded an album of their own self penned songs from which two singles have been released.

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