Cops and robbers in Durrow

Durrow’s St Patrick’s Day festivities saw a large crowd flock to the village, first for the market on the green and then for their parade, which this year was full of many colourful characters.

As well as the main event and some of the reptiles he tried to banish, there were also appearances from the American President and from a robbers with an ATM and a JCB (and a sign which read ‘ATM & JCB, BOI or AIB’.

The robbers managed to hijack the parade and were trying to make their slow getaway, when they were flanked by some brave men from Dunmore Community Alert who managed to arrest them in the square.

The rest of the Dunmore Community Alert group looked very colourful marching down the main street.

The parade was led by the local Civil Defense, and St Patrick also appeared. Happy Days Creche showed up in large numbers and were vibrant, with lots of happy colourful clowns.

The Harps GAA club also marched in their red and yellow, as did butcher Tommy Kinnane. The Durrow High Nellie group looked very festive when they cycled through the village.

The Woodenbridge Paddlers had a colourful float, and took time out from getting ready for their race, which was held on St Patrick’s day.

Top Gear made an appearance on the day with some extreme vehicles including a tractor helicopter.

Kilkenny Gates cloned the Iron Man and brought him along to Durrow for the afternoon, and there was also a horse and cart ‘bringing home the fodder’.

Other participants included Lalors Gala, Ryan’s Daybreak, Lifestyle Mobility, Abbey Castles, and Cullahill Handball Club.

The green was filled with people for the afternoon with many locals selling their wares, food and hand crafted goods.

There were also plenty of bouncy castles to keep smaller parade visitors happy. Despite threatening all afternoon, the rain held off for the afternoon, ensuring everyone could enjoy the festivities.




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