Felt and Fact success in Stradbally

Felt and Fa(c)t is the undercurrent for a curatorial project initiated by Padraig Robinson. It is the second manifestation after its launch in Ormston House Gallery in January.

The project relies on the actual structures of friendship, proximity, and the desire to work together, as its philosophical basis. The event is

presented as part of Padraig’s residency at The Laois ArtHouse, and will consist of exhibition, audio and screened works.

Earlier this month, film and documentary maker Vivienne Dick screened her recent film “The Irreducible Difference of the Other”, wherein the

actor Olwen Fouéré inhabits the persona of Antonin Artaud. There also was an exhibition installed for the whole event. The event at the Malt House was a huge success drawing large crowds to the venue.




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