Learning to sing is a ‘vicious cycle’

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Founded in January 2012 by professional singer and singing teacher, Patricia Finnegan, the Kerryville Park School of Music Adult Chamber Choir aims to, “help people discover their voice and teach people how to use their voices properly.”

Patricia, who is an accomplished singer and teacher, is convinced many people can be goood singers.

“Anyone can be improved upon, once you can sing in tune at all. Sometimes people are unsure about singing. The more they lose, the more they fear, and the more they fear, the more they lose, so it really is a vicious cycle,” she says.

She said that anyone who has an interest in singing is welcome to join, even if they have never sung professionally. She believes that everyone can sing.

“Many people believe that a certain note is too high or too low, when they really just need to know how to reach it,” according to Patricia.

The choir practices every Tuesday night from 7pm to 9pm.They spend the first 15-20 minutes using their voices properly.

Patricia hopes more people will join up especially men

“We need to get more members, particularly men, to get a better core and a better sound. We have a fantastic sound as it is but we need to increase our membership.”

The choir sings any kind of music but they especially like classical music.

“We’ll sing anything challenging, we don’t rule anything out,” said Patricia.

They gave their first performance at their opening night, which Patricia deemed a huge success with standing room only.

“There were people sitting on the stairs, there just wasn’t enough room!”

But their opening night performance has been their only performance to date but Patricia has high aspirations for the group,

“We haven’t spoken officially to anyone but the plans are to maybe get the Dunamaise Theatre or St. Peter’s Church or the Parish Centre,” she said.

For more information, contact Patricia Finnegan 089 467 9243.’


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