My lovely horse goes Electric

Cathy Davey

Cathy Davey

Last year musician Cathy Davey bought a horse and two three-legged dogs with her to Electric Picnic to meet everyone.

But because everyone didn’t get to meet them, she is coming back with a bigger pack (mule included).

My Lovely Horse Rescue was started by a group of pals in 2012 and it comprises an electric blue horsebox that scoops up abandoned horses and finds wonderful new homes for them. Now the fleet is expanding: a cute retro blue caravan in which the rescuers hang out chatting, playing music, swinging in hammocks, contemplating cakes, keeping half an eye on the ‘horsey kissing booth’. There will be gigs so secret that the only way of knowing they are on is by following the horse back from the main arena to the Trailer Park paddock. See for more.




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