New exhibition to visit Mountmellick

Cameo by Donna Kearns

Cameo by Donna Kearns

THE Gallery in Mountmellick Library will be hosting a new exhibition for the month of February. The exhibition features work by artists Rebecca Deegan and Donna Kearns and will be launched on Tuesday February 5 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend the launch and view the exhibition.

Rebecca Deegan’s work is based on the theme of decay and disintegration within manmade structures and natural objects. She uses structures such as the ruins of old houses, churches and castles as her subject matter.

“The atmosphere of these ruined buildings, along with the textures and colours within the ruins inspires most of my recent artwork. I look at decaying natural objects to get inspiration for colour stories and textures”.

Her work is a combination of traditional book-making techniques, visual studies and fibre art and she uses techniques such as stitch, paper-cut, watercolours, inks, dyes, charcoal and photography.

Donna Kearns’ work is about her life, thoughts and ideas.

“My artistic thought process is clearly visible in all of my work. I am heavily influenced by the Surrealist movement, and my work is centered around their Freudian imagery and twisted compositions. I am inspired by my dreams, my nightmares, my fears, my humiliation, my elation and my fantasies”.

Most of her work deals with different stages and levels of mental ill health and features the effect of the stigmas of it.

She said that she sees her work going on to provide the world with something whimsical and surreal to look at but with still keeping the serious subject matter.

The exhibition will be on display all month.


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