O’ Doherty to visit Newbridge

David O'Doherty

David O'Doherty

QUIRKY comedian David O’ Doherty will be taking to the stage of the Riverbank Arts Centre on Friday November 23. Bringing his new show, ‘Seize the David O’ Doherty’ to the stage, the funnyman is guaranteed to have the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.

Describing his new show, David said: “life is a marathon, not a sprint. But it is a sort of marathon that you really have to sprint. And there are hurdles and weights to lift. And swimming. And shooting. Life is basically The Olympics. But at the end you don’t get a medal, you die.”

David’s talents stretch beyond comedy though as he has also written a children’s book, composed two plays and released two comedy CDs, the first of which ‘Giggle Me Timbers (Jokes Ahoy)’ was recorded at his home in front of 35 people. Always an amazing performer who puts on a brilliant musical show, for those doing nothing this weekend, get on the road and up to Kildare.

Tickets are available now from the Riverbank Arts Centre and are priced at €16. Visit www.riverbank.ie for more details.


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