Stradbally or Brooklyn - similar

Nick Miller's portrait of David Cohen

Nick Miller's portrait of David Cohen

With milling at the heart of Stradbally and the surname common to the area it is perhaps appropriate that an artist named Miller will take up a residency in the village later this year.

Nick Miller has been painting portraits for 25 years. In August he takes up an intensive 10 week residency at the Stradbally’s Art House. He will also leave a legacy as he plans to paint oil portraits of two Laois people, one of whom will be the Portlaoise sculptor Cathy Carmen.

“I am looking forward to going to the midlands but it is really about the people. It is the same interest for me whether in Stradbally or Brooklyn. I do not have a preconceived notion of going to Stradbally and I like to leave it more open. I look forward to mmeingt people I do not know. it is all fresh”, the artist told the latest edition of the Midlands Art and Culture Magazine.




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