The Great Famine explored on film

Portlaoise College TY students working on the film.

Portlaoise College TY students working on the film.

‘Forgotten Famine People of the Queen’s County: 1845-1850’ is a documentary that rolls back the mists of time to tell the tragic story of the Great Famine in Laois.

In August 1845, potato blight struck Ireland, and the most devastating famine of modern times began. Laois lost one quarter of her people. The neighbours and friends of our ancestors died in their hovels, on the sides of our roads and in the workhouses. Many fled across the sea, never to return.

Accompany the students of Portlaoise College on a journey of discovery as they visit local sites, interview historians and dig into the archives. This documentary will intrigue anyone with a passion for history or an interest in our county.

It screens at the Dunamaise on Friday, August 29, at 12pm and 2pm




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