Voulez-Vous a great show?

dimmerswitch.ca free shoot, not for profit without concent

dimmerswitch.ca free shoot, not for profit without concent

Whether you’re a dancing queen or a super trooper, there’ll be tunes to get the toes tapping at the Dunamaise Arts Centre this Thursday, December 5, when ABBA Forever The Christmas Show takes to the stage.

Abba Forever was formed and is led by Dennis Scalla, a London born musician who has been at the top of the music game for many years. A virtuoso keyboard player, he really shines at all the great ABBA keyboard parts.

Lead guitar is Rae Daniel, also from London. Rae has played with various rock bands down through the years and a feature of the show is Dennis and Rae swapping lightening fast, guitar and keyboard licks, live on stage.

On lead vocals are Lucinda O’Connell and Marie O’Hara. Both girls came through their school and teenage lives starring in musicals.

From Waterloo to Dancing Queen, expect a dazzling, fantastic performance including the most iconic hits. Not to be missed.




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