Electric Picnic

Electric Picnic performer 'heartbroken' at state of littered campsite

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

A Laois performer at Electric Picnic has said the mess left by Electric Picnic campers is "heartbreaking".

Laoise Redmond sent in these photos (scroll through gallery) showing the extent of the littering left behind.

"Just leaving the picnic now after a weekend where we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of changes that stallholders made in terms of ecological and biodegradable solutions to packaging. I hoped there would be a shift in the attitudes of the attendees as well, but it seems not," she said.

"We left the performers campsite after tidying up our own plot and crossed the lane to start the long walk to the bus through the other campsites and what is already left is heartbreaking.

"I hope that an appeal to change will make a difference even if it's too late for this picnic. There's always next year," Ms Redmond said.

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