Bog pictures wanted! Show us what's to see on Costa Del Sod this year saving the turf

Leinster Express readers have given us a great idea for our new photo special

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


Saving turf on the bog has been one of the few reasons people were exempt from the Covid-19 2km and subsequent 5km restrictions.

So lots of people have been out and about on the bog saving the turf. Some great pictures have been submitted to us from Costa Del Sod around Laois of people out saving the turf for the cold winter months. Some of them were sent in for our 5km challenge - which is still on the go HERE.

When we saw them, scroll through the gallery above, and considering how great the weather has been, we decided to launch a new picture appeal.

This time the Leinster Express is asking Laois people who are busy saving turf to bring the phone or camera along. Take a picture of the scene and send it to us.

It could be a shot of the beautiful wonderful landscape that is the bog or some photos of people at work.

You don't have to be saving turf. If you are out and about on our bogs for a walk we'd also be delighted if you send in your pictures of what you come across.

Send your photos to this special email address: 

Include names, where you're from, where the picture was taken and other details you'd like us to mention.

Write COSTA DEL SOD in the subject line of your mail.

We'll publish the pictures in the Leinster Express and online at 

Get snapping but respect the Covid-19 social distancing guidelines.