GALLERY: This dog and cow in Laois are best friends...

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

A wall can not separate a cute and unlikely friendship in Laois between two animals.

Django the dog in Mountmellick enjoys his morning walks beside the Owenass river in the town, and has struck up a special friendship that defies boundaries.

Django has made friends with a young cow, and every morning they meet over the wall to touch noses and say hello.

His owner Noel Coss took a series of beautiful photographs of their encounter in the early morning mist of Monday October 15, that will melt anyone's heart.

"Beautiful early misty Autumn morning stroll this morning as the sun was starting to rise along the banks of the Owenass river with the big guy Django," Noel wrote on his social media page.

"Every morning he stops at the wall along the river banks and waits until the same cow makes his way over to him and they stand together at the wall like two auld lads chatting about the weather like two buddies they are. I kid you not. I said to myself I must get a few pics of this early morning encounter. Today I just happened to have my phone with me," Noel said.

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