Met Éireann expects cold mild clash area over Ireland could deliver rain-snow split #SNEACHTA

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter


Met Éireann expects a meeting of cold weather over Scandanavia and milder Atlantic conditions could see the country split east to west when it comes to snow this week.

Dublin and Kildare have already seen snow but the forecaster's meteorologist Matthew Martin has delivered an update on what to expect for the second half of the week when snow is likely to be more widespread hitting many counties. However, there is a possibility that western areas could avoid the worst. 

"The main focus for snowfall risk turns to the attempted frontal breakdown from the Atlantic on Thursday and Friday.

"On Thursday, frontal rainbands in the Atlantic are forecast to move towards Ireland and as they encounter the cold air in situ over Ireland further snowfall is predicted.

"However, there is some uncertainty as to how far these frontal bands track north-eastwards over Ireland as high pressure over Scandinavia is dominating and acting to weaken these fronts as they move into the cold air.

"However, current projections indicate a spell of sleet and snow spreading north-eastwards over Ireland on Thursday and into Friday bringing accumulations of snow to many areas. However, the snow may transition to rain in some southern and western parts as milder air attempts to move in from the Atlantic," said the forecaster in a commentary.

Charts published by Met Éireann (scroll through the gallery above) shows low pressure in the Atlantic and high pressure positioned over Scandinavia.  

A description of the chart says that: "Over Ireland, there is a boundary between very cold air to the east and northeast and milder air from the Atlantic with a spell of snow expected".

Mr Martin also explains some of the snow showers which will hit some parts this week

"The risk of wintry showers over the next few days will be driven by what is termed the ‘sea-effect’...These shower bands can at times become quite narrow and intense giving significant falls of snow in very localised areas whilst some adjacent areas receive very little snowfall," he wrote.

Mr Martin adds: "Weather warnings are likely to be issued in the coming days".