Portlaoise people react to the redesigned Leinster Express newspaper

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

The redesigned Leinster Express newspaper is on sale from today Tuesday, and we went into town in Portlaoise to see what people think of it.

Christine O'Connor and her brother Philip O'Brien were enjoying a read in Mulhalls restaurant.

"I like the darker bigger headlines. I love the nights out page, the pictures are bigger altogether, I've no reading glasses on but I can see it a lot better, I think it's brilliant," said Christine.

"I can read it much easier, it has some very interesting stories," said Philip.

Joan McCormack and Adrian Mahon took a break from their work in McCormack's Deli to have a look.

"It's nice, the pages are laid out differently, there's a lot more colour, I'd be more drawn to read it," said Joan.

Outside Chocolate Brown, Anne Brennan from New Road was sitting and reading her copy.

"I get it every week, I always read the football reports because my nephews play, but I read it cover to cover every week," she said.

Portlaoise retired businessman Joe Ging is also a loyal reader and gave the redesign a thumbs up.

"It was well needed," he said.

See what is featured in our bright redesigned Leinster Express newspaper here.