Junior Cert Results time for happy students in Portlaoise College

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


More students took on Higher Level subjects at Portlaoise College this year.

Students at Portlaoise College were among the 1,005 in Laois opening Junior Certificate results envelopes last Wednesday September 13.

Principal Noel Daly was delighted to report more of his students taking Higher Level subjects.

"​It is great to see students doing well and an increased number doing so at higher level. Likewise it is great to see students achieving well above expectations at the lower end," he said.
"All this is as a result of the hard work and commitment ​of​ students​ and teachers​.​ Parents and students ​were very pleased ​as was evident from the photos taken," Mr Daly said.

Scroll through our gallery of photos, courtesy of the school.