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Happy Halloween 'Fright nite' at Mountrath Community School - #pictures

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

An incredibly scary and surreal Halloween experience for first years was orchestrated by the Mountrath Community School the film club  with the help of teacher Claire Kennedy.

The school was transformed into a series of crime scenes, zombie invasions, mystery scenarios and eerie encounters with creatures of the night, swamp and unknown places.

The first years were led on a dark and spooky journey around the abandoned dark corridors of MCS, being surprised by zombies and monsters around every corner, and having the opportunity to marvel at guts stew and eyeball delights in black boxes.

After this haunting experience, the chief witch, Sophie Whittaker, acted as a very wicked DJ for a disco, to celebrate Halloween. It was just such a successful evening for the MCS film club and Claire Kennedy.

Bradley Finnegan, film club, said that the 'fright Nite 'was a wonderful opportunity for the students to revamp and turn their school into a perfect setting for Halloween.

He added that surprising unsuspecting first years, as they made their perilous journey, around the corridors was really enjoyable. No one knew the plot, just the film club. It was brilliant.

Catriona Rafter, a sixth-year Meitheal leader, said that it was a great opportunity to bond with and have fun with the first years. No one was disappointed with the eerie treats in store.

Claire Kennedy said that the film club worked hard to make the night possible for the first years and watching every student enjoy themselves made the night so worthwhile.

Happy Halloween.