Electric Picnic's Trailer Park is back - get your entries in

Find out more about getting a grant for a pitch for Electric Picnic's Trailer Park

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Express Reporter


The Electric Picnic's Trailer Park is looking for the most jaw dropping, inspiring and creative caravan ideas to join their mobiletropolis.

Get your creative juices flowing and enter the Trailer Park competition and with just under three weeks to the closing date for applications you still have time to get yours in!

Each year up to 15 grants are given out to creative collectives (or individuals) to invent, design, build and host their own caravan or mobile structure at Electric Picnic.

It can be anything, by anyone - designers, artists, engineers, technicians, builders, food scientists, architects, and dreamers-with-a-will.

So whether you are raiding a scrappage or salvage yard, or gutting an old 1960 Monza to become a small cinema or just have a weakness for far-fetched DIY, Electric Picnic is looking for the most jaw-dropping, inspiring and creative caravan-based ideas to join their Trailer Park.

There are up to 15 cash grants to enable you to create your own caravan project, ranging from €150 to €1500 (and we’re even willing to stretch the budget if an exceptional idea is put on the table).

These grants will help you buy the materials that you need and work on the skills that you may lack in order to create your caravan.

Your caravan does not need to be roadworthy but you have to consider plenty of other elements. Lighting, the interior, the exterior etc. Projects that stand on their own as a place of entertainment, or that draw people in and are a place of wonder in their own right.

The keyword to consider here is that your creation should be interactive.

Should you wish to discuss your idea before submitting the application, please contact us at the following email address: trailerparkstage@

Applications can be submitted here: trailer-park-competition

For those who don’t know Trailer Park, it is ‘mobiletropolis’ right in the middle of Electric Picnic Festival that pays homage to the humble holiday caravan, the glittering airstream, the vaudeville circus van… and the wild imaginations unearthed in the spectacular ‘Trailer Park Competition’.

At its centre is The Mobile Home Stage, which plays host to bands in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and lavatory of a mobile home.

It loves disco, rap, good-times surf rock, sweet soul, gospel – anything that can crack a smile. Around this are clustered a townscape of other creations, loosely related to the re-imagining of caravans.

It’s the part of Electric Picnic where eccentrics hide in plain sight, where laughter replaces worry, where change comes – the moment you think you know it all.