Mick Flannery and seven-piece band at Kavanaghs


Mick Flannery and seven-piece band at Kavanaghs
By Arts Correspondent ryan@leinsterexpress.ie @laoisnews

Mick Flannery performs in Kavanaghs Courtyard Venue with his full seven-piece band this Friday, October 21.

Mick Flannery realised a long time ago that songwriting was the best part of this strange job of being a jobbing-gigging-talking-singing musician.

“It’s never a chore,” Flannery says about the craft.

“The creation is the nicest part, it’s something you always have and you can use it to work through stuff that’s in your head.

“You have to take it seriously if it’s going to be any good. It’s always my favourite thing, like putting Lego blocks together. You can make a lot of things with Lego.”

You can make an album like ‘By the Rule’, for instance, Flannery’s fourth album but a world on from anything he has put his name to before now.

‘By the Rule’ is the work of a confident, assured songwriter, someone who knows how to turn a list of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs into graceful, minor-key pen-pictures and poetry which will resonate with the listener.

Mick Flannery takes to the stage of Kavanaghs at 9pm this Friday. This is primarily a standing gig. Limited seating will be available on a first come, first served basis.