It's all gone Pete Tong at picnic 2017


It's all gone Pete Tong at picnic 2017

Last year it was Jenny Green and the RTE Concert Orchestra that stole the show at Electric Picnic.

This summer the daddy of the dance orchestra comes to Stradbally.

Pete Tong presents Ibiza Classics will see the legendary Radio 1 DJ team up with The Heritage Orchestra to perform dance anthems, conducted by Jules Buckley.

While he’s known publicly as Pete Tong the DJ, behind the scenes, he’s an industry icon. As the voice of Radio 1’s prestigious dance programming, Pete has held a commanding presence over the industry for more than two decades.

His unique position has earned him a reputation as the global ambassador of dance music. With an unparalleled ear for new talent, Tong has become the leading tastemaker of the electronic generation.