Electric Picnic: 10 tips that will help you survive the weekend

Jeff Murphy


Jeff Murphy

Electric Picnic: 10 tips that will help you survive the weekend

Electric Picnic: 10 tips that will help you survive the weekend

1. Set yourself a solid base for the best chance of survival 

WARNING! Don’t camp by the stage, a walkway, or at the bottom of a hill (in case of rain). If you can see a stage your in the danger zone.

Finding the perfect spot to set up camp for the rough journey ahead is an art that nears practice.

Walking through the camp site you'll spot the rookies from a mile away.

The young teens new to the festival scene with their excited faces nursing their warm cans who think they've cheated the system by set up camp nice and early close to both the stages and the food trucks, trust me its too good to be true.. 

This WILL happen..

Come eight o'clock that evening and we'll see who's tent is still standing.

Only the experienced festival goers will know the sweet spot is to be nestled safely in amongst the mass of tents (preferably in the classic ring formation surrounded by your peers).

Here you will find strength in numbers. 

2. Shower

When we say shower we obviously don't actually mean shower.. 

Baby wipes

A complete necessity if you're camping on festival grounds are Baby Wipes.

Chances are, you're going to start smelling.


Real showers are a thing of distant dreams, so carry shower wipes with you. Not only will you feign cleanliness, you'll feel better.

.. and Dry shampoo...

The gods have spoken and they don't really care if your hair is dirty.

They just don't want it to look dirty. I'm not sure who invented this heavenly powder, but kudos to them. If you look less gross, you'll feel less gross.

3. Portable phone charger

Because your phone will die

If you're camping out, your phone will die, not even flicking on airplane mode will get you through a whole weekend so take my word for it if you don't bring one you will buy one.

Especially if your 'that guy' who has to Snapchat everything, this tip is sure to keep your social media persona intact. 

4. Makeshift wellies 

I know what your thinking "Just bring a pair of welly boots?". Unfortunately, its not that easy.. its never that easy.. Mother Nature is crafty. So be prepared! 

A plastic bag...

... and duck tape...

=Rain shoes!

5. No Rompers!

Yes, they're adorable. No, you're not going to wear one to a festival. Why? Because peeing is hard enough as is, don't do this to yourself. Do you really want to be naked in a port-a-potty? I didn't think so.

6. Get to the front

Everyone knows being at the front of the crowd is where the speakers are loudest, view is the clearest and is therefore the best craic! So if you want to get the most out of the weekend get to the stage good and early or you could always just cheat your way to the front...

You'll have to be more creative than the simple "excuse me" 

Pretend you're lost someone..

"Where are youuuuuu Emily!?!?"

7. Some acts will be on at the same time

Get organised

If two acts you want to see are playing back to back or worse, at the same time - stay organised! See both, half of two sets is so much better than missing one and regretting it.

8. Use Social Media 

Electric Picnic has its own official app, so make sure to download it before September.

The app has all the information you will need. Timetables, festival maps and news will all be in the palm of your hand.

Also its a good idea to follow unofficial guides like local radio stations Facebook pages and keep an eye on the festival's hashtags (#EP2017) on Twitter, you'll learn of breaking news in real time and potential giveaways and prizes.

9. Waterproof everything!

Black sacks are your best friend

Electric Picnic is in Ireland. Rain is in Ireland! If rain by some miracle ceases to fall during the festival it doesn't count.

Everything will inevitably get wet, which means wrap and bag everything! Spare clothes, shoes, money, phone, if you can waterproof it do it! 

10. Use the buddy system

It's obvious. Don't lose your friends! Especially if they're the type to engage in illicit activities. And what if you lose your phone? What if your phone stops working? Do you even have a friend if you can't text them?

No one wants to be this guy.