Borris-in-Ossory Youth Club back in action

Express Reporter


Express Reporter

Noel Sheridan presenting the proceeds from the Parish DVD to Denise Origan and Canice Sheeran accepting on belhalf of Borris-in-Ossory Youth Club. Pic: Damien Carroll

Picture of Borris in Ossory Youth Club funding boost in 2014.

The Borris-in-Ossory Youth Club is back up and running for another year. The AGM took place recently followed by club events including a Film Night and Games Night.

The next upcoming club night is a Pool Night in the Billiard Hall on Friday October 20 from 7.30 - 9.30pm.

All new members are welcome to join the club, so long as you are at least 12 years old on 1/1/17. 

The club was originally formed back in May 1982. It enjoyed a very successful period in the eighties and nineties before lapsing for a time. On Thursday night September 29, 2011 Borris-In-Ossory Youth Club was reformed.

The club currently has 25 Youth members. A range of activities are available including, Table tennis, Darts, Dvd’s, Xbox games, Board games, Cards. The group takes part in lots of fun activities and competitions such as talent shows, national soccer competitions, stay awakes, trips and lots more!

Any queries please ring Club Secretary, Shane Kirwan at 0863050652, weekdays after 3pm.