Aishling Hennessy to launch her exhibition in Mountmellick library

Solo art exhibition is titled 'Conversations with Blue'

Stan Henderson


Stan Henderson

Aishling Hennessy to launch her exhibition in Mountmellick library

Ashling Hennessy in her studio.

Laois artist Aishling Hennessy opens her solo art exhibition titled Conversations with Blue in Mountmellick which will be open to the public right through Christmas.

The abstract expressionist painter will have 21 of her pieces on show for three weeks running until Saturday 29 December.

Ms Hennessy graduated from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts in fine art.

Developing her own technique and style showing an underlying structure with multiple layers Aishling's work is rich with texture, colour and movement and has been described as visual poetry.

“Poetry inspires my work as does a love of the forms and designs found in nature along with the deep core questions and human experiences common to us all.

“From growing up in Ireland and Canada seeing differences in cultures and landscapes fundamentally influenced developing my way of seeing colour, light and pattern in the textures of people and places.

“I’m curious of the psychological aspects to our existence and spent many days reading and rereading the works of Carl Jung and Alan Watts.

“My work has been influenced by aspects of Georgia O'Keefe for her organic forms, Van Gogh for his movement, energy and vibrating colours and Joan Mitchell for her lyrical line.” she said.

Through her new body of work Aishling explores her curiosity with the layering and contrasts within life. She is fascinated with the human mind and how people absorb the world around them to create their own realities.

Each of her paintings links to her own perception of her inner and outer worlds attempting to capture her never ending quest for enlightenment.

Through her creative quest and dialogue, an internal vision transpired and became her latest collection, Conversations with Blue.

“I have found that these conversations have become a vessel for me to transcend and emerge into my own emotional awareness and unfold a deeper truth in my perception.

“I am suspended someplace between the cosmos and the clouds. Observing below I see the ocean currents and textured landscape of life lines.

“I gaze upwards into the cosmic order of things as it aligns itself with the patterns of constellations and creation. I see Nebula clouds, brewing stars and colours that can never be described in words,” she said.

Everyone is welcome to the launch night on Friday 7 December in Mountmellick library at 7pm. 

Aishling Hennessy – Artist can be found on Facebook or email for further information.