Laois Comhaltas shines at the Fleadh Cheoil in Drogheda

Results and report on the performance of Laois competitors

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Fleadh cheoil

Ceoltóirí an Dóchas, Port Laoise on stage at Holy Family Church Drogheda during music group competition.

Comhaltas Laois was prominent at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann and made a big impact at Drogheda.

Promoting the bid to bring the major international event to the county, Portlaoise branch gave a top-class display on the Gig Rig on Thursday night with similar performances on Friday mid-day from Spink branch. Earlier Music Generation Laois visited the Gig Rig giving their members an opportunity to witness the Fleadh first hand.

Given the presence of hundreds of musicians, singers, dancers and storytellers from the county taking part in the finals at Drogheda and Portlaoise based Áine McGeeny and Colm Phelan’s band Goitse headlining Fleadh TV to close the TG4 live broad5casts, the spotlight shone brightly on Laois.
While the Gig Rig performers were thrilled to play for the night time crowds of more than three thousand in Bolton square, they also took part in the serious business of competing for All-Ireland honours.

Taidhg Dalton emerged as the sole Laois All-Ireland Champion winning Ceili Band Drumming (u12). Building on his experience as runner–up with both Drums and Bodhrán at last year’s All-Ireland, Taidhg went all the way this time and won Gold.

‘Consistency and reliability are his hallmarks’ according to Taidhg’s colleagues in the much-admired Ceoltóirí an Dóchas music group (u12) which included Nell Kettle, second on Harp and Pauric Lalor, second on Bodhrán.

Despite it’s stellar membership the Portlaoise music group was edged out of the medals by groups from Clare, Cork and Mayo.
Strong Music Group entries from Camross, (15-18)yrs, and Cr Seán Ryan, (o18) also played with distinction but without any silverware.

Percussion has yielded good results for Laois in recent years. Mark Vesey, Spink, who was runner up on previous occasions, was awarded the silver medal in u18 Ceili Drums competition.

Other silver medalists included Naoise Kettle and Senan Shortall, who successfully combined for Duet (15-18).
Mountmellick native Noel Stapleton featured in the senior Button accordion competition earning a third place medal for Cr Seán Ryan.
Daniel Aylward, Spink, had the distinction of bringing home two bronze medals for his excellent playing on both Uilleann Pipes and Flute.
Portlaoise member Alain Carroll, one of the leading pipers in the county, was awarded bronze in Uilleann Pipes Slow Airs (15-18). Fiddle Slow Airs player Ciara Faherty, Portarlington, earned bronze Fiddle (15-18), keeping Laois at the forefront of this category which demands flawless interpretation of traditional songs.

Irish language promotion is one of the Comhaltas objectives. Congratulations to one of the youngest competitors, Jack Higgins, Camross, who won a silver medal in Irish conversation (Comhrá u9). Noted Abbeyleix raconteur and Irish speaker Michel Lynch was acknowledged with bronze, Scéalaíocht (O18) and Spink colleague Micheal Somers, representing Kilkenny, was similarly placed in English Storytelling (o18).
The full list of Laois qualifiers for the Fleadh Cheoil below picture.

2A Bosca Ceoil / Button Accordion (Faoi 12) 2D Bosca Ceoil / Button Accordion (O18) Noel Stapleton CCÉ, Cr. Seán Ryan.
3A Feadóg Mhór / Flute (Faoi 12) Daniel Aylward CCÉ, Spink.
6A Consairtín / Concertina (Faoi 12) Edel Ni Conbhai CCÉ, Cluain Na Sli,
6B Consairtín / Concertina (12-15) Lucy Cahill CCÉ, Athy
6D Consairtín / Concertina (O18) Ciara Mackessy CCÉ, Spink.
7A Píb Uilleann / Uilleann Pipes (Faoi 12) Daniel Aylward CCÉ, Spink,
7C Píb Uilleann / Uilleann Pipes (15-18) Alain Ó Cearúil CCÉ, Port Laoise,
7D Píb Uilleann / Uilleann Pipes (O18) Conchubhair Mac Thomáis CCÉ, Spink.
8A Cruit / Irish Harp (Faoi 12) Nell Kettle CCÉ, Port Laoise.
8D Cruit / Irish Harp (O18) Sophie Ní Riain CCÉ, Cr. Seán Ryan.
10A Bainseó / Banjo (Faoi 12) Simon Groarke CCÉ, Spink.
10D Bainseó / Banjo (O18) Aaron Mackessy CCÉ, Spink.
11D Maindilín / Mandolin (O18) Aaron Mackessy CCÉ, Spink.
12A Pianó / Piano (Faoi 12) Mary Jo Faherty CCÉ, Portarlington.
12D Pianó / Piano (O18) David Vesey CCÉ, Spink, Clare Faherty CCÉ, Portarlington.
13A Mileoidean / Melodeon (Faoi 12), Fionn Connolly CCÉ, Portarlington, Matthew Cunningham CCÉ, Ráithín an Uisce.
13C Mileoidean / Melodeon (15-18) Mark Vesey CCÉ, Spink.
14A Rogha Gléas / Miscellaneous (Faoi 12) Daniel Aylward CCÉ, Spink.
14B Rogha Gléas / Miscellaneous (12-15) Molly O'Rourke CCÉ, Spink.
14D Rogha Gléas / Miscellaneous (O18) David Vesey CCÉ, Spink, Aaron Mackessy CCÉ, Spink.
15D Tionlacan / Accompaniment (O18) Clare Faherty CCÉ, Portarlington.
16A Bodhrán (Faoi 12) Pauric Lalor CCÉ, Port Laoise, Taidhg Ó Daltúin CCÉ, Port Laoise.
16C Bodhrán (15-18) Isobelle Donnery CCÉ, Camross.
17A Drumaí Céilí / Céilí Drums (Faoi 12) Taidhg Ó Daltúin CCÉ, Port Laoise.
17B Drumaí Céilí / Céilí Drums (12-15, Aibhlínn Doheny CCÉ, Ráithín an Uisce.
17C Drumaí Céilí / Céilí Drums (15-18) Conall Ó Cnáimhin CCÉ, Camross, Mark Vesey CCÉ, Spink.
17D Drumaí Céilí / Céilí Drums (O18) Noel Stapleton CCÉ, Cr. Seán Ryan.
18C Foinn Mhalla, Fidil / Fiddle Slow Airs (15-18) Naoise Kettle CCÉ, Cr. Seán Ryan, Ciara Faherty CCÉ, Portarlington.
18D Foinn Mhalla, Fidil / Fiddle Slow Airs (O18) Mary O'Donnell CCÉ, Portarlington.
19A Foinn Mhalla, Píb Uilleann / Uilleann Pipes Slow Airs (Faoi 12) Tom Hudson CCÉ, Portarlington.
19C Foinn Mhalla, Píb Uilleann / Uilleann Pipes Slow Airs (15-18) Alain Ó Cearúil CCÉ, Port Laoise.
19D Foinn Mhalla, Píb Uilleann / Uilleann Pipes Slow Airs (O18) Conchubhair Mac Thomáis CCÉ, Spink.
20A Foinn Mhalla, Feadóg Mhór / Flute Slow Airs (Faoi 12) Daniel Aylward CCÉ, Spink
20B Foinn Mhalla, Feadóg Mhór / Flute Slow Airs (12-15) Molly O'Rourke CCÉ, Spink.
20D Foinn Mhalla, Feadóg Mhór / Flute Slow Airs (O18) Katie Scully CCÉ, Camross.
21D Foinn Mhalla, Feadóg / Whistle Slow Airs (O18) Caoimhe Ní Labhraí CCÉ, Camross.
22D Foinn Mhalla, Cruit / Harp Slow Airs (O18)
Clare Faherty CCÉ, Portarlington
23C Ceol Beirte / Duets (15-18) Naoise Kettle, Senan Shortall CCÉ, Cr. Seán Ryan /Camross.
23D Ceol Beirte / Duets (O18) Aaron Mackessy, Ciara Mackessy CCÉ, Spink.
26A Grúpaí Ceoil (Faoi 12) Ceoltóirí an Dóchas CCÉ, Port Laoise.
26C Grúpaí Ceoil (15-18) St. Fergals CCÉ, Camross.
26D Grúpaí Ceoil (O18) Cairdeas CCÉ, Cr. Seán Ryan.
31C Amhránaíocht ar an Sean Nós (Mná) / Irish Singing
(Ladies) (15-18) Eimear Murphy CCÉ, Camross.
33A English Singing (Ladies) Laura Scott CCÉ, Camros.
40A Rince Céilí Ochtair, Mná / 8-Hand Céilí Dancing, Ladies (Faoi 12) Cúl na Carraig CCÉ, Ráithín an Uisce.
42A Rince Céilí Ceathrair, Mná / 4-Hand Céilí Dancing, Ladies (Faoi 12) Aisling CCÉ, Ráithín an Uisce, Spraoi CCÉ, Ráithín an Uisce.
45A Rince Seit, Measctha / Full Set, Mixed (Faoi 12) St. Fergals CCÉ, Camross.
45C Rince Seit, Measctha / Full Set, Mixed (15-18) St. Stephens CCÉ, Camross.
49G Comhrá Gaeilge (Faoi 9) Jack Higgins CCÉ, Camross.
49I Comhrá Gaeilge (11-13) Eimear Whelan CCÉ, Port Laoise.
51D Scéalaíocht (O18) Michael Lynch CCÉ, Spink.