Community choir welcomes new voices

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Roscrea Community Choir travels to Mount Melleray Abbey-Cappoquin

The choir after their performance at Mount Melleray, Waterford, pictured with Lucy McCarthy, choir director, Aisling Deegan, accompanist, and Dom Richard Purcell.

Anybody with an interested in taking up a new hobby and think singing could fit the bill is being invited join the Roscrea Community Choir.

The Roscrea organisers say there is a wealth of research that proves the benefits of singing on health and wellbeing.  They say singing as part of a choir is proven to have the same positive effects on your wellbeing as yoga. It is claimed that singing lowers cortisol and relieves stress and tension and boosts confidence.  

"Why not take up the opportunity to sing and socialise with the Roscrea Community Choir this autumn and enjoy the musical experience and pleasure of singing in a group?

The group welcomes back Jim Maley as the choir’s accompanist and Aisling Deegan will help out as sub accompanist.

Regular members are also welcomed back but the organisers say they would love to see new singers.

"Come and see what keeps us all wanting to come for more-once you join and perform with the group, you’ll be hooked," they say.

Roscrea Community choir resume rehearsals on Monday, September 16 in the Methodist church hall on The Mall, Roscrea at 8 pm.

The Committee will meet at 9 pm to plan for the upcoming year.