Covid-19 - a poem by Ena Campion

Portlaoise nursing home 93 years young resident puts pen to paper to write about the Coronavirus

coronavirus covid-19

Covid-19 letter


We are living through some strange times,

With 2 metre spaces in all the lines.

No drink to be got in any pub,

Instead its sanatizer on your hands you must rub.

Every day brings news of another business closure,

They fear for their staff and too much exposure.

We are trying to help out each other,

And staying away from our father and mother.

This virus has brought so much fear,

When it leaves there will be great cheer.

There is so much tension around,

And last week no toilet paper to be found.

Huge praise to those risking their lives,

And we cant even give them high fives.

The grocery staff helping us to stay fed,

With pasta, milk and bread.

The doctors trying to safe lives,

And the nurses who are surely due that pay rise.

The children will have no school,

Some of them might think this is cool.

The priests say the churches they cannot open,

Instead they are left in silence praying and hopin'.

We've learnt to look after the old,

This is something we were always told.

When this virus does pass,

They will be crowds at mass.

The pubs they will be full,

Think of all the pints they will pull.

All the shops they will be so glad,

After the tough times they had.

This has slowed down the pace,

Its no longer a rat race.

We've all to remember again how to be nice,

While everyone's plans are on ice.

No crowds can there be,

Its up the window we must go to see.

New things from this we will learn,

Its not about the money that you earn.

Its about whats inside your heart,

We should of known this from the start.

In this we will see the real side of humanity,

And for some it will be a real test of sanity.