Portlaoise arts centre appeals for Laois public's help

dunamaise arts centre

Michelle de Forge of the Dunamaise Arts Centre looks forward to reopening but appeals for the public's help to cope with Covid crash

The Dunamaise Arts Centre in Portlaoise is among several theatres and arts centres across the country which have come together to show support for the National Arts Recovery Plan published in June by the NCFA (National Campaign for the Arts).

The campaign is aimed at helping artists and arts workers at this difficult time to ensure the survival of our sector.

Before and during this pandemic, it is the arts that have kept us company, been an escape, a voice, a release, a hope.

As the country emerges from the pandemic and businesses attempt to return to trading or pivot to alternative offerings in a physically limited new world, the arts and culture sector will be the very last to recover in any meaningful way.

WWe at Dunamaise Arts Centre are asking our customers and the general public for your support to help give the arts a voice with these 3 actions:

1. Tell your TD how important the arts are to you.

Local TDs in Laois Offaly include: Charlie Flanagan, Sean Fleming, Brian Stanley , Barry Cowen, Carol Nolan..

2. Are you an arts fan? We need your voice to help us survive! Add your voice to the campaign by sharing the #SAVETHEARTS video on social media.

3. Tell your friends and family about how important the arts are to you and ask them to do points one and two above.”

The national campaign says venues are more than walls – but involves teams of professional, experienced people dedicated to supporting artists and audiences working hard to create plans for a reimagined future in which venues can support artists.

The centres involved in the national campaign say how they will address the severe challenges posed by social distancing and huge losses in revenue will require close collaboration with artists, arts workers and audiences as well as

The Arts Council, local authorities and Government partners.

The appeal said that with investment from the Government and Arts Council, as outlined in the National Arts Recovery Plan:

- Vast measures required to reopen theatres and arts centres as safe workplaces for staff teams, artists and arts workers and ultimately as safe places to visit for audiences can be put in place

- Alternative programmes to continue engagement with artists, arts workers and audiences can be developed and implemented.

- Opportunities to work with artists in new ways, making our spaces available for creativity and development can also be provided.