Lock Down Lucy

Little Laois girl puts her feathery friend's story into words

Aimee Rose Conroy


Aimee Rose Conroy

Lock Down Lucy

Aimee Rose Conroy, aged 11, lives in Ballyfin. She sent us this little story about a gosling born during the Covid

-19 lockdown.

Lockdown Lucy’s life began on March 14, 2020 as a large white goose egg. My granddad and I placed it in an incubator to hatch. We took care of minding the tray by filling it with water every day.

Grandad made sure that the temperature was right. After four weeks we got a big surprise. The shell began to break, a sweet chirping sound came from the egg. The shell fell apart.

A wet Lucy arrived out wobbling, weak and shaking.

Lucy became a beautiful yellow fluffy gosling in the evening. Her two little flat feet were orange and so clean.

I was dying to hold her in my two hands. When I held her, I put my face to her little head. I could feel she was soft, warm and cuddly.

Lucy grew up quickly, she got feathers and gathered mud on them and her busy feet got very dirty in the farmyard.

She loves swimming in muddy water and diving and splashing.

She got so bold and cheeky and she follows me wherever I go.