The Supervet from Laois has a new book out about his life as The Supervet

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



Prof Noel Fitzpatrick aka The Supervet

The Supervet from Laois Prof Noel Fitzpatrick has a new book out which tells the story about his daily life as vet whose work saving animals has made him the star of the TV series that is watched by millions.

It has been 30 years since Noel Fitzpatrick graduated as a veterinary surgeon from UCD, and that 22-year-old from Ballyfin, where he still has family, is now one of the leading veterinary surgeons in the world. The journey to that point has seen Noel treat thousands of animals - many of whom were thought to be beyond help - animals that have changed his life, and the lives of those around them, for the better.

His first book, Listening to the Animals was about Noel's path to becoming a vet and featured his upbringing in Laois. It became a number one bestseller.

How Animals Saved My Life tells the next chapter. In it, Noel writes about what it's like to actually be The Supervet.

The book sees Noel shares the moving and often funny stories of the animals he's treated and the unique 'animal people' he has met along the way.

"He reflects on the valuable lessons of integrity, care, love and hope that they have taught him - lessons that have sustained him through the unbelievable highs and crushing lows of a profession where lives are quite literally at stake. MORE BELOW TWEET.

"As Noel explores what makes us connect with animals so deeply, we meet Peanut, the world's first cat with two front bionic limbs; eight-year-old therapy dachschund Olive; Odin, a gorgeous five-year-old Dobermann, who would prove to be one of Noel's most challenging cases - and of course his beloved companions Ricochet, the Maine Coon, and Keira, the scruffy Border terrier who is always by his side," say his publishers.

While his book is published on October 29, Noel is not the first in the Fitzpatrick clan to have something they wrote published in 2020.

His sister Frances wrote a story inspired by the Covid-19 lockdown which features in a new book. Keeping in Touch is among just 150 stories to make the cut and be included in the Harper Collins publication ‘A Page from My Life’.

All proceeds from the sale of the book short stories will be donated to The LauraLynn Children’s Hospice. READ MORE HERE.