The magical 65 Kitchen Choir set for Dunamaise

THE 65 kitchen Choir will be performing in the Dunamaise Arts Centre from September 6 to September 8.

THE 65 kitchen Choir will be performing in the Dunamaise Arts Centre from September 6 to September 8.

Well known and loved local music teacher Caroline Smith teaches guitar to all age groups in her Kitchen at 65 Marian Avenue in Portlaoise.

The choir is made up of 30 singers and four musicians aged between 18 and 70, many of whom are related so the group comes from a community backround and very much feel connected to their roots. As a group of friends and family they go on stage with only one goal in mind and that is to lift the spirits of their audience to an all time

high by surprising them with a night of familiar hits and forgotton classics. Ranging from old time classics to rock, presented their way to thrill and once the audience sings along with them, the group describe that as “just heaven on Earth”.

They are a varied group with hairdressers, a postman, accountants in their ranks, and they have husbands, wives, in-laws and outaws but its all about loving the music and being in it for the fun.

Caroline formed the Choir in 2005 to perform at Marion Avenues’s yearly mass on the grass. They also perform at the affair in the square that is a yearly Mass in St Johns Square in Portlaoise and they love doing it.

In September 2007 they did their first show for two nights, called ‘Jukebox Memories’ in the Dunamaise Theatre. They got wonderful support from the local people which built up their courage to have another go. The following year they performed their second show for three nights in the Dunamaise Theatre, called ‘Reeling in the Years’, wonderfully supported by the local people and a growing experience.

In Sep 2009 for three nights they performed another show in the Dunamaise. Again supporters were very good nd they all had a great time together. In September 20120 they did their fourth show called ‘Music Lives Here’, and the following December they performed ‘Memories are Made of This With a Xmas Twist’.

In September last year the group did their sisth show called ‘Timeless’. The group described it as a fantastic fun night with full houses each night and standing ovations. They also made their CD called ‘Timeless’ in Golden Egg Studios and launched it last August. Tickets for these shows are available now from the Dunamaise Arts Centre and people are advised to get them quickly as these shows are expected to sell out. Contact the Dunamiase at 057 86 63355 for more information.