Dunamaise most popular Portlaoise

The Dunamaise Arts Centre is the most popular place to visit Portlaoise.

The Dunamaise Arts Centre is the most popular place to visit Portlaoise.

The centre came out top in the part two of the Living in Portlaoise. This survey looked at the interests, opinions and attitudes of Portlaoise people. The first question asked people to recommend one place worth visiting in the town, and the Dunamaise Arts Centre came out on top with 35% of survey participants including it as their first choice.

The Bernridge (Ridge Road graveyard overlooking the Convent) came in second place with 11% of people suggesting it, while third place went to St Peter and Paul’s Church with 10% choosing it as a tourist attraction. Other places in the town that were given a top spot included Laois Shopping Centre, Portlaoise Leisure Centre, The prisons and the Peoples’ Park. Interestingly 6% of people said that there was nothing worth recommending to a tourist visiting the town.

A fifth of people surveyed about sport said that they had no interest at all, but 23% choose Gaelic football as their sport of choice. Other sports picked included soccer with 18%, hurling with 16% and rugby with 14%. A few people in the survey chose more exotic sports including ice skating, golf, track and field, Formula 1, cross country, snooker and hiking.

Over 20% of people said that walking or exercise was their favourite hobby, while in a close second and third places came listening to music and reading with 18% each. Other popular Portlaoise passtimes include playing music, Facebook, cooking, baking, photography, yoga, art and cycling. The final question asked in this part of the survey was favourite TV programmes and there was a varied response to this, with sports programmes coming in highest at 6%. There were 84 respondants to this part of the survey.

For more www.portlaoisepictures.com for more information. part two are now available to view on www.portlaoisepictures.com