Time for Heyday

AS the days are drawing nearer and nearer to Santa’s annual visit, music fans across the county are also on the countdown to the biggest music gig of the year.

AS the days are drawing nearer and nearer to Santa’s annual visit, music fans across the county are also on the countdown to the biggest music gig of the year.

The third annual Heyday festival will be taking place in Delaneys and Bar Habana in Portlaoise on Thursday December 27, with the music kicking off from 4.30pm. Organisers are encouraging everyone to get in as early as possible to support the bands all evening long, and with about ten hours of music, there will be plenty to choose from.

The festival has taken about six months to organise, and with a bigger committee this year, there are more attractions, including the new open mic stage which will be upstairs in the pub, and the Frank’s Shed TV stage, which will be showcasing all the local original talent there is across Laois.

This year there is also a website for the festival - www.heydayfestival2012.com - where fans can pick up their copy of the line up (which is also featured in this week’s Weekspot) as well as keeping up to date on any festival news. Of course there is also a Facebook page which will be updated as well.

This year’s festival is raising money for two worthy charities - Laois Hospice and the Laois branch of the Irish Kidney Association. This is following on from the last two successful Heyday festivals which raised much needed funds for the Billy Murphy fund in 2010, and for the Crumlin Childrens’ Hospital in 2012.

Everyone involved with the festival is giving their time for free, and organisers will be in the venue from before the crack of dawn to get the venues set up before the 4pm kick off. As well as catering for the adults, the gig will also be showcasing some of the county’s younger bands who will be performing in the venue before 7pm.

Proprietor Grellan Delaney told the Leinster Express that he was delighted to be involved yet again with the event. “It is fantastic, it is a real showcase for all the bands that play. They all give up their time free of charge which is very generous”. Grellan laughed that he would be working all day long and would be enjoying the festivities from behind the bar.

Organiser Aidan Doody said that the day also gives a great opportunity for young people to come in and experience what is like to perform a live music venue.

He was echoed by fellow organiser Frankie McNally who said that the day is about everyone joining together.

“It is about everyone together enjoying the music - enjoying eachother’s company and raising money for good causes”, he said.

There is a wealth of musical diversity and talents to suit all tastes playing the festival, and many are very well known bands in the town and across the county.

Many musicians will be featuring in more than one band, testement to the goodwill that exists between all local bands, and there will be some who will only come together for this once off annual treat. As well as music, there will also be a draw on the night, in which lucky winners could find themselves in possession of tickets to next year’s Electric Pincic. To find out more about the Heyday festival, check out their website and Facebook page.