Fantastic night for the Toastmasters

Jimmy Fitzpatrick presided over a fantastic meeting Toasmaster and introduced a Spring theme.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick presided over a fantastic meeting Toasmaster and introduced a Spring theme.

Nigel Brennan opened with only his second speech but you would never know it as he owned the stage speaking, ironically, about his failure in front of an audience when aged six. He spoke about the power of the subconscious and turning past negatives into positives.

Keith Clarke gave us The Formula for Happiness and how we respond to the world can change our experience as well as outlining thefreedom of choice over our responses.

Up last was Donal Cahill who gave an outstanding 10th speech. Donal challenged us, asking us when we would be leaders, and when would we create. He stirred us up and told stories of a local hero and his leadership prowess, and turned it around to show how members of Toastmasters demonstrate the leadership skills the local hero listed as critical. Congratulations to Donal on completion of his Competent Communicator Manual.

Ann Duncan took over as Topics Master delivering a plethora of topics that didn’t disappoint.

Mary Heaney raged about the immorality of the charity scandals and questioned her donations. Mark Bastow said the popularity of Mrs Brown’s boys is due to their down to earth familiarity, infectious humour and spontaneity. Bryan Holland defended Dublin and feels he is on holiday on visits there. Meree O’Sullivan said she would change the headline about Irish Mammies raising spoilt sons to include daughters; Jimmy Fitzpatrick agreed about the spoilt sons; and Maura Glynn said she would spoil her sons all over again. Nigel Brennan complained how he lost four hours of his life watching Amber and Donal managed to get the subject of turf into topics about the weather and charities. Dermot Bergin said everyone needed to stop panicking about global warming as there was a simple explanation - Winter.

Toastmasters meet the 2nd and 4th Mondays. Next meeting Tuesday, February 24 at the Killeshin Hotel 8pm.