Peugeot's neat little SUV


Peugeot's neat little SUV

The Peugeot 2008 is a very important car for the PSA group as it is their top seller in Ireland.

Such is the sales success of the 2008 that Peugeot now hold 10.5% of the compact (B) SUV segment in Ireland.

Peugeot have repositioned the new 2008 more as a mini SUV than its previous incarnation as a “Crossover” vehicle.

With new more muscular styling and technical and specification improvements the new 2008 is an even more attractive prpossition.

Peugeot have also introduced a new versio called GT Line which is the car I am testing this week. With petrol power in smaller cars making a comeback my review car is powered by Peugeot’s 1.2 Puretech Petrol.

I love the new bold styling. The big front grill, wheel arch extensions, roof rails, and trendy alloy wheels as well as numerous other detail touches really do make the new 2008 look all the part of a compact SUV.

The generous glazed surfaces promise an airy, spacious interior. Inside the cabin, drivers will find a modern contemporary design where everything works as it should. The fascia is covered in a high quality material and satin chrome is used to good effect on a variety of surfaces.

I particularly like the very uniquely shaped handbrake lever and the detail red stitching to the seats, gearshift and handbrake. It all looks really great.

Numerous well, designed storage compartments ensure keys, smartphones and other everyday objects always find a place in the new 2008.

Standard equipment is very comprehensive and highlights include, Tyre pressure monitoring, Grip Control with 5 settings: Standard ESP/Snow Mode/Mud Mode/Sand mode/ESP Off, Mirror Screen with Apple Car Play, Panoramic Sunroof, Ambient Blue Lighting, and much much more too numerous to mention here. The cabin is roomy two and will seat four adults in reasonable comfort.

The boot is a decent size for a car in this class and I am glad to report it houses a full sized spare wheel and not a useless compressor and a can of tyre sealant!

Powered by a Puretech 1.2 litre petrol mated in this case to Peugeot’s auto gearbox this new 2008 performs quite well. Road tax is just €190.00 and over my road test of some 600km it returned an average fuel consumption of 5.3 litres per 100km.

It cruises happily all day at motorway speeds and is perky enough around town. This is a very nice free revving petrol and makes a welcome change from the more gruff diesel engines we have come so familiar with.

Peugeot always made a good chassis and the new 2008 SUV is no different. It soaks up the bumps and undulations with ease, its smooth and comfortable on bad roads and proves quiet and refined on the motorway.

The handling is surefooted too though there is a degree of body roll when you push it on through the corners.

I must say I like this funky new Peugeot. Initial impressions are of a stylish well thought out car that offers that feeling of security with the greater ride height and of course a huge amount of flexibility, which is something many buyers want without having to buy a large car.

Prices start at €19,400 for the Access model. The GT Line as tested here costs €26,435. For those who want something a bit more individual too it offers that with aplomb.

I loved it!