Ten tips to make sure your Christmas Party is memorable this year


Ten tips to make sure your Christmas Party is memorable this year

Here are ten important tips to make sure your Christmas party rocks this year.

Make it fun

That sounds obvious...but you will not believe the number of companies who make their Christmas Party like a day in the office.

Who will want to attend if it is similar to a normal day in the office?

Get into the festive spirit

There is nothing like seeing your CEO in a reindeer Christmas jumper and a pair of antlers to let you know that you can relax and enjoy yourself.

You can even have a theme for the party. You are then more likely to find people won't take themselves too seriously and let their personality shine through.

Find a central location

It is no good if the venue is a five minute walk from the Chief Finance Officer's penthouse suite, but a three hour commute from the rest of the team. Make it as central as possible to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy themselves rather than thinking: “how on earth do I get home from here?”

Get a Christmas Package price

Knowing what is included from the strat means that yor are not stung with a hefty invoice afterwards.

Serve Food, Food, Food

This is very important in social situations, as although some people say eating is cheating, this is not so.

No one wants to make a fool of themselves at the work Christmas party and so whether you choose a three course sit down menu, a two course buffet or tasty bowl food, make sure there is some kind of food available.

It is a big part of the old festive cheer and it also soaks up the alcohol.

Think about the music

Do not get a member of staff's cousin, brother, uncle, father to DJ when the last time he spun tunes half the staff had not been born for.

Ask people what they want (top five tunes) and get the to email their choices. You can then create a playlist and this makes sure everyone has had a say about the music.

What do you want to achieve

Surely the whole point is to team build, get people socialising, and to show your employees that their hard work throughout the year is appreciated.

It is essential you create an atmosphere where all of this can happen.

Make it last in their minds

Do not scrimp on the Christmas party!

If it is the one social occasion in the staff calendar, make it one they remember for the right reasons.

One canape and one glass of wine will not be seen as generous.

Just limit the timings of the party and get a package price, to keep it to a set budget.

Entertain your guests

Having entertainment is always a conversation starter and a great way to make people remember the event.

Ask people what they want (have a vote to choose the entertainment), be it a magician, snake charmer, live band, celeb lookalike, belly dancing class, you name it and a Christmas party supplier will be able to source it.

Closing time

No company has an infinite budget, so midnight seems to be a good time for the party to come to a close.

Afterwards the party animals can head to a club while the rest of the team can (hopefully) catch the last of the public transport to head home and everyone is a winner.