An introduction to Lean Manufacturing at Laois Enter Enterprise Office

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The training programme, An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing will take place at the Local Enterprise Office on Thursday, October 27 from 9.45am to 4.45pm.

This training programme is suitable for all business sectors and is limited to 10 places

Lean thinking towards problem solving starts with a clear statement of a problem and leads through its resolution using a process of measurement, analysis, implementation and evaluation of the solution.

Established in 2002, LBS Partners have created a unique, practical and proven framework than enables them to develop solutions which produce the ultimate competitive advantage to clients.

It enhances value for the customer. This means, delivering what the customer needs, when it is required and at the best possible price. Lean offers a structured methodology that maximises value for the customer through the elimination of waste from an organisation’s activities.

One day introductory workshop on what the programme entails covering: the benefits of lean principles which underpin Lean thinking. It will introduce the concept and benefits of continuous improvement which lies at the core of Lean transformation.

This course will be limited to 10 places, if you wish to book a place, please book online or contact 057 86 61800 for more details