Why students are choosing Institute of Technology Carlow

Ground-breaking courses, first-class amenities and a 96% employment rate

Why students are choosing Institute of Technology Carlow

“At Institute of Technology Carlow, I was given a great opportunity to learn new skills and develop my experience in software engineering. The degree course was really well-tailored to industry needs and the latest technological advancements and practices. I found that was really advantageous.”

So said Matthew Gerig, an honours software engineering graduate of Institute of Technology Carlow who is now a software engineer at Unum.

His sentiments are echoed by fellow graduates: BA (Hons) Media & PR graduate Emma Carey, now a press officer at the BBC; Stephen Reid, who graduated this year with a B.Eng (Hons) in Aircraft Systems and is Ryanair Maintenance Coordinator for all of Europe; and Lucy Gernon, an honours biotechnology graduate, who is now Lab Manager at MSD (formerly Merck, Sharp & Dohme).

The group are amongst a group of recent graduates who are fronting Institute of Technology Carlow’s 2017 CAO campaign and more than happy to extol the many advantages of choosing the Institute as the third-level college of choice.

Speaking at Institute of Technology Carlow’s CAO campaign launch, Media & Public Relations graduate Emma Carey said, “As press officer for the BBC, I am the first port of call for journalists with enquiries about the corporation in the UK and across the world.

“I manage corporate announcements, reputational issues, develop and implement publicity campaigns for TV programmes.

“It’s an exciting and challenging job. The BA in Media & Public Relations at Institute of Technology Carlow provided me with vital knowledge and understanding of the TV and new media industries.

“It also taught me how to juggle several projects, which is vital when working in a busy PR environment with conflicting deadlines”.

Lucy Gernon, QC Microbiology Lab Manager at MSD, said of her experience at Institute of Technology Carlow,

“I loved the ethos of the college and the energy and positive attitude towards helping each student reach their full potential.

“Many of the lecturers have experience in industry so bring real life examples to the academic world and this proved invaluable when I started my career”.

Stephen Reid, who is Ryanair Maintenance Coordinator for Europe added, “In 6th year, I was unsure of what I wanted to do.

“I looked at the aircraft systems degree at Institute of Technology Carlow and spoke to some of the lecturers. I felt the degree offered something different to other colleges and I have not looked back since.

“Without completing this degree, I would not be working for the world’s biggest airline.”

It is appropriate that Institute of Technology Carlow would let its students do the talking.

The Institute prides itself on its ‘student first’ ethos which puts its learners at the heart of everything it does.

Over the last four years, the Institute has carried out a €120million capital investment programme that has delivered first-class lecture facilities, technology support, sports amenities, student services, a dedicated research and development facility and an aerospace centre to ensure an unparalled learning experience for students.

The Institute’s latest addition – the €10million Haughton Building - was officially opened last week.

Encompassing premier lecture theatres, the latest computing laboratories and progressive meeting and seminar spaces over three levels, the Haughton Building was built to meet the needs of Institute of Technology Carlow’s flourishing student body which is the fastest-growing of any Irish institute of technology; student numbers have increased by 31% in the last five years to 7,000 current learners.

Institute of Technology Carlow’s comprehensive offering of degree, diploma and higher certificate programmes, across business, science, sports, humanities and technology, are practical and ‘industry ready’ as they are planned in collaboration with the needs of industry.

Many programmes at the Institute bring learners into direct contact with professional practice through work placements, industry-based projects and clinical placements.

This translates into programmes of study and internationally recognised qualifications across a range of discipline areas that are very relevant to real career opportunities in the employment marketplace.

Graduates of Institute of Technology Carlow enjoy an employment rate of 93% at graduation, rising to 96% within six months of graduating – well above the national average of 80%.

Alumni are working with the most prestigious companies in the world, including the top computing, pharmaceutical and financial organisations.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Institute of Technology Carlow is consistently placed in the top CAO first preferences for institutes of technology.

Several programmes of study at Institute of Technology Carlow are exclusive to Ireland, such as the recently introduced B.Sc. (Hons) in Cybercrime & IT Security, the B. Sc. (Hons) in Brewing & Distilling and the BSc. (Hons) in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness.

Outside the lecture theatre, students partake in the Institute’s many clubs and societies.

A strong sports programme and incredible sports facilities has led to a huge roll-call of sporting title wins. The existing facilities will be further improved by the development of a 30-acre South Sports Campus, with the first stage scheduled for completion in 2018.

Donal McNally, who is head of the sports faculty at the Institute, commented, “Students at Institute of Technology Carlow benefit from the huge investment by the Institute in the development of first-class sports facilities, both indoor and outdoor.

“We’ve a huge numbers of clubs and societies too which is a great social outlet for the students where they make friends for life”.

The Irish Survey of Student Engagement records very high satisfaction ratings by Institute of Technology Carlow students for access to faculty staff, the career inspired nature of the learning and for the high quality physical facilities and support services.

Small wonder then, that Institute of Technology was placed in the top tier of highest performing institutes of technologies in the country in 2016 by the Higher Education Authority.

“Your choice of Higher Education College and programme of study are two of the most challenging and important decisions you will make in the foreseeable future.

“It is important you choose wisely and I would advise students, when filling out their CAO application form, to explore the many opportunities open to them at Institute of Technology Carlow,” said Dr. Patricia Mulcahy, President, Institute of Technology Carlow.

For further information, visit www.itcarlow.ie