Sean Eacrett auctions gets off to flying start

Sean Eacrett auctions gets off to flying start
Express Reporter

At the opening of Sean Eacrett Antiques, Auctions and Restoration in the old Ballybrittas Stores buildings Sean was not 100% sure how it would go.

As it was January and all the credit card bills were coming in for people to pay for Christmas cheer, it might have been tough going.

This, howeve,r was further from the truth, it was so well received that Sean is finding it hard to stock the place.

"We had a soft opening with a reasonable amount of stock in the Showrooms with more coming in from the restoration workshop every day, but it is going out as fast as I can stock it.

“For instance I purchased a house contents in county Carlow two weeks ago with approximately 20 good items of furniture and smalls, only two items remain to be sold and all the smalls are gone.

“We have a huge amount coming in this week and next to re-stock the showroom.”

Sean Eacrett Auctions had their first auction on 25th February which was a great success with 825 lots and over 85% sales and all vendors very happy with prices achieved.

"I think 'brown' furniture as it is called is coming back into fashion and not out as some people say.

“However, prices are still very low and if anyone is thinking of it now is the time to be kitting out their homes with furniture. G Plan is selling well, also furniture by Ercol,” Sean comments.

Sean Eacrett Auctions will be having their next auction on 25th March at 12pm.

“We are completely full for this one so if anyone wants to enter items they would want to call and put their name on the waiting list as that is already filling up.

“The starting point is sending in photos of what you have to sell as not everything will sell,” Sean says.

“Small pieces of furniture and quirky items seem to do the best at present however anything that has quality will always sell well.”