Housing construction: Log cabin company expanding to Portlaoise as 'epicentre' of Ireland

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan



Housing construction: Log cabin company expanding to Portlaoise as 'epicentre' of Ireland

A chalet by Loghouse.ie, who are planning to open a big new showroom in Portlaoise

A company that sells high end log houses is opening a showroom in Portlaoise because it is the "epicentre" of Ireland, with easy access for customers.

Loghouse who sell upmarket wooden buildings from small garden rooms up to 3 bedroom houses, have chosen to kickstart a major expansion plan in Portlaoise.

"Due to high demand we are very pleased to announce that Loghouse is set for a major expansion in 2018. Our first stop will be Portlaoise Co Laois. Our elaborate showroom will include the full Loghouse range," the company has announced on Facebook.

Vaidas Karpavicius is Business Operating Manager with Loghouse. He said that the promimity to the M7 and M8 motorways swung their decision.

"Basically we chose Portlaoise because you have all the biggest roads coming in, Portlaoise is the epicentre. It is just the convenience. People are coming in here at weekends, it has everything, and all the banks. Our customers drive from Galway, Limerick, Cork, and for them Dublin is a bit far to drive to have a look. We looked at Tullamore but we saw there is a small road to get to there," he said.

They will be hiring one to two sales people, as well as contracting teams of self employed construction workers to put the imported flatpack houses together. 

They are seeking the right premises with road frontage.

"We are looking around now for a place to rent of about 100 sq metres upwards. We hope to secure a premises by the end of January and open by the end of February. We are looking for a premises you can see from the road. We are definitely going for it," he said.

The showroom will have "at least five houses" as the company expects to sell larger wood buildings to rural customers.

"We are based in Dublin for the past five years, these sort of houses are getting very popular in the housing crisis, especially in Dublin. you get kids who can't find a house building one in their parents' garden, or because houses are smaller in Dublin, people build one for an extra room or an office. Our guess is that we will sell more residential units in the countryside where people have more land. Many of them do not even need planning permission but we are now offering help with planning applications," Mr Karpavicius said.

Below: a three bed house by Loghouse

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