Customers were the key in opening new business

Customers were the key in opening new business
Pat Somers

Wha't it like to open a shop in a town like Mountmcllick, and a chocolate shop at that?

That's the theme of a talk that Catherine O'Callaghan will give to the enterprise towns awards committee at the Forum Boutique Hostel this Thursday, September 20.

Catherine opened her Cocoa Couture Chocolate Shop last December.

“I can safely state that Mountmellick, and my customers are just brilliant,” she told the Leinster Express.

“They have taken me on board and the idea of a chocolate shop in Mountmellick at first glance may seem out of place, but it truly has been a most wonderful experience.

My customers have been so supportive.

“I even received a message from one customer who was so concerned about the chocolate during the warmer weather that she reserved an air conditioning machine for me in Argos in Naas as she knew they were difficult to hold of during the heat wave.

On one occasion a customer supplied me with her own fresh eggs when I realised I did not have any halfway through making a Belgian waffle for her.

“I made the waffle and everyone was happy

“I would not be anything without my wonderful and brilliant customers.

“They make me laugh every day and there is always someone with a fantastic story or a word of encouragement.

“Being put through to the final of the Blas Na hEireann is as much of a testament to my skills as a chocolatier as it is to all my fantastic customers who come in to the shop with their kind words and always a steady stream of stories and well wishes,

“My family, my children and my husband are my biggest fans.

“But, my customers and the people of Mountmellick and surrounding areas have truly embraced the idea that a chocolate shop in Mountmellick can work and they are the one that keep me in business.

“So if not for the confidence they have given me I may not have even entered the competition in the first place.