Dawn Meats issue statement on injunction as beef protests continue

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Dawn Meats issue statement  on injunction as protests continue

Dawn Meats has issued a statement as protests continued at beef factories this morning, including at Meadow Meats in Rathdowney, which Dawn Meats owns. 

Dawn Meats stated they "had been granted an injunction in the High Court to stop protestors from blocking the entry and exit of lorries at its facilities in Ireland.

"Illegal actions by protestors at two plants resulted in the suspension of livestock processing and distribution to important customers of Irish beef. It is regrettable that this legal action has been necessary to allow for an orderly resumption of processing activity.

"Farmers who want to sell their cattle are being denied the choice to market their livestock in an orderly manner, and customers of Irish beef are not having their orders fulfilled. In a situation where the level of EU market demand is the problem, it is regrettable that valued and loyal customers of Irish beef overseas are being penalised for their commitment to Irish agriculture and are being forced into purchasing beef from other sources to meet these volume shortfalls.  

"It is by growing the demand for Irish beef and diversifying into new markets, rather than through illegal protesting, that the current challenging pricing environment can hope to be addressed.

"We recognise the right of any citizen to engage in peaceful and legal protest, but we cannot allow our staff, customers and suppliers upon whom our business depends, to be further damaged by these counter-productive blockades," the statement concluded.