Council sells Portarlington industrial site for €90,000

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly

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Council sell industrial site for €90,000

Offaly County Council has agreed to sell an industrial site to a business in Portarlington for a fee of €90,000.

Councillors agreed to sell site number 3 at Portarlington Industrial Park, Botley Lane, Portarlington, will be sold to Ms Alison Ritchie, Managing Director of Polarice Ltd on Monday, September 16.

The site in question was previously sold in the year 2000 but remained unused and was reacquired by OCC earlier this year.

Polarice is currently located at the adjacent site and requires additional space to expand its existing facility. Site number 3 is the only land remaining in the area and without an agreed sale, Polarice would have had to move to a new location.

The fee of €90,000 is above the valuation received by local authority and is in excess of the fee paid for a similar site sold by the council in the area earlier this year.

The sale was ratified at the September meeting of Offaly County Council.