"I wanted those PayPal jobs in Laois," Louise Phelan tells Laois Chamber launch

Pat Somers


Pat Somers



"I wanted those jobs in Laois," Louise Phelan tells Laois Chamber launch

Louise Phelan

"I wanted to bring those 1,000 jobs in PayPal to Laois but I physically couldn't because the broadband was not sufficient in 2012," Louise Phelan told the Laois Chamber launch on Tuesday morning. 

In her keynote speech at the Chamber launch the former PayPal Vice-President charted the development of PayPal in Dundalk as illustrative of what could happen in Laois.

"I went to the Xerox Park in Dundalk where there was only one company. We put in a state of the art premises at the Xerox building which up to then had been a skeleton building. That is what you need. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies expect state of the art buildings. 

"We hope to secure an application for regional development through Enterprise Ireland which is going to help with a state of the art building in Portlaoise. We have to start somewhere, we will get to everyone else," she said.  

On the broadband issue Ms Phelan said she was delighted that "Vodafone, the ESB and Siro have done an amazing job to make sure everyone has broadband access now."

"We are working to bring high tech jobs here. We are looking at bringing a huge investment to the county. We are working with Enterprise Ireland on a major application to be submitted this week."

She also addressed commuting from the county. "12,000 people leaving the county each day is not sustainable and we, as CEOs, have to change that. 

"In Dundalk the performance from our teams was 20 to 30 per cent better than it was in Dublin. Why was that? Because people were not commuting hours to Dublin, they were living and working in their own communities and their productivity was higher. 
"The reality is we want to bring people back to the county to make sure engagement with family, friends community."