Virtual mart app development should allow all marts to operate during Covid-19 lockdown

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

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Ireland’s first virtual mart was held at Carnaross Mart in Co Meath

A software company has developed a new app which should allow all marts to operate under the Covid-19 restrictions.

LSL, the software company behind the Online Virtual Mart Sales at Carnaross in Meath and Manorhamilton in Leitrim, last week, says it has now developed a further addition to the LSL App that allows all of the country’s marts to get up and running within days. 

LSLsay they are very grateful for the Government’s backing of these two marts, which generated sales of nearly 500 animals. This coming week sees pre-booked lots of over 800 animals in to Carnaross, and over 500 in Manorhamilton.

The firm says the process and software platform comply with the Government’s National Public Health Emergency Team and all Public Health Protocols.

“Livestock Live offer a free to use, and free of subscription, herd management section as part of the ‘LSL App’ and ‘Livestock Live’ website. The App is connected to the Department of Agriculture Food and Marine (DAFM), Animal Identification & Movement (AIM) database” said the CEO of LSL, Brendan Hannigan

This week the company has installed a new feature in the herd management ‘Farm Monitor’ area called ‘My e-Mart’.

This feature allows herd owners to select a mart, set up a lot number, and choose the animal/tag from the herd. The farmer takes a video of the animal at home, which includes the tag in the video and uploads it.

Videos must include the tag number displayed. The seller can then enter an estimated weight, or if the herd owner owns a weighing scales, they can mark the weight as ‘weighed’. When the lot is saved, it is sent to the ‘My e-Mart Auction’ area of the App and the bidding can commence. Once sold the animal is brought to the mart for weigh-in and the mart facilitate payment. The buyer only pays the exact weight per kilo at mart weigh-in.

The firm says many of the country’s 91 marts have been enquiring about the software and how it might work for them. The new platform does not require the mart to install any equipment and therefore marts that signup to the LSL App, to facilitate buyers and sellers, can be up and running very quickly according to the company.

Livestock marts provide a vital outlet for Irish farmers with over 1.5m cattle and at least 2.0m sheep sold very. They  also provide price transparency to farmers so they can compare market prices.