2,500 Portlaoise street lights to go from amber to low energy LED white

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

2,500 Portlaoise street lights to go from amber to low energy LED white

Low energy LED white lights for Portlaoise

Thousands of Portlaoise streetlights will go from amber to white this year. Laois County Council is set to replace 2,500 streetlights with new LED low energy bulbs.

Director of Services Simon Walton reported to the March council meeting in his 2020 roads budget.

“In 2020 with specific funding under the Urban Regeneration Development Fund, supporting Portlaoise town’s designation as a Low Carbon Town, 2,500 street lights in Portlaoise will be replaced to LED,” he informed county councillors.

They also expect to have another 150 new streetlights on their books in Portlaoise by the end of 2020 as the town continues to expand.

“Acknowledging the completion of the J17 Distributor Road later in 2020 together with and expanding social housing programme and the ongoing taking in charge of residential estates, the council will take in charge up to 150 additional public lights in 2020,” he said.

A total of 1,200 street lights are due to be replaced by modern LED lights around the county last year with plans to get the same number installed this year.

The LEDs use less power and save money. Production of old steet light bulbs is ceasing.

There are 9,200 public street lights in Laois. Of those 7,600 are in housing estates and local roads, 500 on motorways with 1,100 on the N80, N78 and N77 roads.

Maintenance and electricity will cost over €1 million in 2020. The council will spend €863,000 to operate them, with the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) spending €165,000 to cover motorways and national roads.

“Public lighting is an integral part of the road and footpath network. Laois County Council, pursuing and exceeding climate change energy efficiency targets, is engaged in an ongoing replacement programme for public lighting, replacing existing energy inefficient lighting with more energy efficient light units,” the council reports.

The council has announced that there is a new app for the public to report faulty street lights. www.deadsureapp.com logs faults directly to a database that the contractor can see. The app centres on your location and logs the light you want to report. Lights can also be reported as faulty on the www.laois.ie website.