Irish women's attitudes to beauty changed by Covid-19 lockdown

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Irish women's attitudes to beauty changed by Covid-19 lockdown

The lockdown has seen a change in attitude towards beauty

New data has found that more than three-quarters of Irish women (76%) have embraced home grooming with the 1200 females surveyed giving themselves an average rating of 3.1 out of 5 for their efforts. The research, conducted by EVOKE, revealed that despite this overall success, almost half (46%) have already booked an appointment at the salon for when they reopen with 61% stating that they intend to return to their pre-quarantine beauty habits when lockdown comes to a close.  


While the majority (70%) were thankful to not have had any home grooming misfortunes, almost 1 in 5 (17%) confessed to having home hair dye and eyebrow mishaps when left to their own devices. Unsurprisingly over half (55%) missed getting their hair done during quarantine while almost one third (29%) admitted to  visiting the beautician once a month pre COVID


41% indicated they will go for a more natural look post-quarantine with almost one quarter (22%) confessing to EVOKE  that they will no longer attend a beautician to get their nails done post lockdown, content now to do them themselves.


48% of Irish women have said that they are not concerned about returning to a salon or a beautician confident that any guidelines in place will be adhered to while 60% would like to see a video or images of how a salon will operate before going.

Speaking of these findings, Laura Bermingham, Beauty Editor of EVOKE said: “Our EVOKE survey goes to show how loyal Irish women have been to the professional beauty services they know and love. During lockdown, we all had to cater to our beauty needs and grooming so DIY treatments became the norm. I predict people will combine professional and at-home beauty going forward, it's more cost-effective and saves time!"

* Survey completed by 1200 women from a sample of EVOKE’s 1.3 million unique users per month